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What is SoFu and Should I Use It For My Business?

You have probably seen the ads for SoFu and if you really care about saving unnecessary expenses, you'll want to ask yourself, "Is SoFu a scam?" It's totally normal to question the companies and ads you come across, because there are SO MANY illegitimate companies trying to scam you for their money. 

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We are just business owners trying to make it, we don't have time for that crap!

I am posting this for all of you who are researching SoFu and considering it as a possibility for your business. I have reached out to several REAL business owners who had an experience with SoFu, so this is the real deal.

Here are the facts - you'll be able to make an informed decision after reading this. 

Is The Free Trial Real?

I have been using SoFu for my business for about six months now. First off, THE FREE TRIAL IS REAL. YOU DO NOT GET CHARGED A PENNY FOR A WHOLE WEEK. I was able to use the programs, watch the training videos (to make sure that I had a good resource to learn more from), and I was able to get in touch with Tech Support instantly when I needed to. 

Will I Get Charged If I Cancel My SoFu Account During The Free Trial?

Check Out This Testimony of Raymond, an affiliate marketer from Suwannee, GA

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"I decided to try SoFu for my business. Due to some sudden personal problems, I decided to take time off work, and therefore cancel my SoFu account.

Side note - the cancellation process was easy and painless.

Luckily, it was still within the free trial period, and I didn't get charged anything! This business is real and really sticks to what it says." 

Is SoFu Really An All-In-One Platform? Any Additional Charges For Features?

I was paying for multiple subscriptions to services that would automate my business the way I needed to. It was very scattered and difficult to organize. Even though it got the job done, and my business was growing, all the services definitely added up; my business expenses were higher than I would have wanted.

With SoFu, I can do all the same things and more, such as two-way text and the Google Review feature.

These extra features along with the organization and ease of use of SoFu has made my business grow faster than I ever thought it could! AND my customer retention has grown, my cost of acquisition is down, and I now have lots of Google reviews.  

Here is what I was paying MONTHLY to keep my Dog Training business up and growing...

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$827 !!



Nashville, TN

"SoFu has saved my business so much money, I am now able to invest in expanding my business into new territories!"


Houston, TX

"I am grateful that I was able to automate so many tasks with SoFu. I have more free time than I ever have before."

Suwannee, GA

"SoFu sticks to what they say and I highly recommend it to any business owner."

> The free trial is real.
> If you cancel within the free trial, you are still not charged.
> SoFu has all the features you need to run a multi-million dollar business/agency.
> The price is $97 monthly, no additional fees ever.


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