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Updated: May 5

The first thing that attracted me to Outschool was the idea that I could teach ANYTHING. Before I even signed up to teach, I had already jotted down like eight ideas of classes that I would like to hold.

I joined Outschool in March of 2020. I teach children ages 3-18 in a wide range of topics. The thing that attracted me was the fact that I can teach baking, drawing/painting, Italian, dog training, table manners, gardening, zumba, and more ALL IN ONE PLACE! It really is an amazing opportunity for anyone who has a lot of hobbies or creative talents.

​Online teaching through Outschool.com is an amazing experience. It has changed the way I work. I can teach (almost) anything I want, and I have learned so much in return!

My job on Outschool travels with me and transforms to my ever-changing schedule.

Outschool is leading the online learning industry because it stands out from other academia-oriented online platforms. Here, students can recommend classes according to what they like, and the classes offered are interesting and creative topics that you can't learn in ordinary school! ​

Teaching on Outschool can play different roles depending on where you are in life.

Full-Time Job

Outschool teachers are in high demand and the job pays well. As teachers, we set the prices for our classes.

Part-time Job

Outschool teachers create their own schedules; as many or as little hours as you wish. Outschool is worldwide so you can teach any time of day, 24/7.


Not all teachers teach for the money. Its a great way to spend your time and its FUN being able to teach what you are passionate about and share it with kids who have the same interests.


Your teacher profile will always be there, even when you are not currently teaching. Life happens, and if you ever need it, Outschool will be there for you to continue working.

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