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Hello! My name is Ris :)

Thank you for visiting my website! My vision is to create a social community for my students so that they can connect and communicate outside the classroom. 
I am here to encourage, motivate, and give of myself. 

I love working with kids because they bring color and spontaneity to life. I love their questions, wit, and zeal. No doubt that, whichever class we have together, we will BOTH be having a great time :)

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Marisa's Classes 2021


Gooey, Messy, Cinnamon-y Cinnamon Rolls Handmade

Come and learn the bread baking tricks to creating the fluffiest, gooiest, melt-in-your-mouth delicious cinnamon rolls from scratch.

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Italian I & II Summer/Fall Classes for All Ages

Lessons, games, songs, and practice that build a strong foundation for understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in Italian. 

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International Recipes and Their History

Join us for new recipes, baking techniques, and interesting historical facts about the food's origin.

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Word Art: Master the Art of Drawing & Design. 

6 weeks of word design techniques that are sure to wow your friends and family. Welcoming all doodlers, designers, and aspiring artists.

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Cooking Traditional Italian Recipes. 4 Course Meal

4 weeks, 4 courses. Intermediate level. Young chefs will learn classic Italian dishes. Cooking and creating fresh, healthy, and tasty food for the family. 


Manners Matter Everywhere: Table Etiquette Do's & Don'ts From Around the World

Sharing a meal together, we are going to travel in the world of dining and manners. This one-time class will explain different dining customs.


Manners Matter Everywhere: A Continuous Weekly Class on Common Courtesy

This class will cover politeness, respect, and attention to others both at home in society and worldwide.

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Sit, Stay... Play! Obedience Training and Game Playing for Dogs of All Ages

6 weeks, 6 classes; for dogs of all ages. We will learn essential commands, fun tricks, and play games. 

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My First Puppy! Puppy Parenting & Responsibilities

You will be more prepared and know that you are giving your pup a great home. We cover feeding, crate training, socializing, playing, potty training, communicating, and much more.


Zumba Dance Jam

This fun, upbeat Zumba exercise class is a great way to stay active and have good, clean fun while learning new dance moves.

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Italian Summer Camp.

"Verbs Keep Me Moving!"

"L'Estate" is a time to be ACTIVE! An energy-expending summer camp to learn the verbs that keep our lives in motion! 

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Bubble Letters of All Kinds, Let's Get Drawing!

Learning how to draw bubble letters and tricks to creating your own letter designs.

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