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There are 3 things that set HeyRis apart from any other 'traditional' school in the world.

We create opportunities for kids to experience real life-learning situations in a safe environment.
LIFE is our best teacher

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A child's imagination, drive, innovation, positivity, & persistence are their biggest assets.
HeyRis shows kids how to use their assets for their own good and the good of the community.
Becoming 'childlike' is the end goal

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We help kids learn how to live their best lives, physically, personally, and professionally.
We are dedicated to growing the whole person

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The HeyRis Network

We provide the multi-dimensional experience necessary in order to become the ultimate version of yourself.





Hello! My name is Ris :)

Thank you for visiting my website! My vision for HeyRis is to create a social support community for my students so that they can connect and communicate outside the classroom. 

I am here to encourage, motivate, and give of myself. 

I love working with kids because they bring color and spontaneity to life. I love their questions, wit, and zeal. No doubt that, whichever class we have together, we will BOTH be having a great time :)

I teach classes on

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